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homemade pimento cheese spread

Today I made homemade bread and homemade pimento cheese spread.  I decided to share my recipe for the spread as it is super simple and good.

one 8 oz package seriously sharp white cheddar cheese (can also use vermont white cheddar)

1 cup grated (orange) sharp cheddar cheese

1 pimento (mine was fresh from my father’s garden…YUM!) or 1 jar pimentos drained if fresh is not available

3 LARGE dollups mayonnaise (I used Hellman’s light Mayo)

Grate the white cheddar cheese, then dice the pimento, or cut into the size pieces you prefer for your spread.  I always wash the pimento after cutting out the center and seeds.

With a rubber glove on, squish ingredients together until thoroughly combined.  If it still looks dry after thoroughly combined, add more mayo.