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Keto so far…

Keto so far…

The past two weeks have been pretty interesting.  Getting the body to switch fuel can be a bit challenging on the energy front.  The body goes thru a lot of changes being deprived of carbs. We are loving the food and the recipes are fantastic. 

We’re into Keto!  Weekend Review.

We’re into Keto! Weekend Review.

It’s been a great weekend!  We ended the juice cleanse and did a 30-mile bike ride on Friday!  My first of the year and I haven’t been able to do much riding.  The juice cleanse did wonders for my body.  I would not have been 

Getting with the Program…Keto that is!

Getting with the Program…Keto that is!

Keto in the GreenI’ve surrendered!  Yip!  I held off doing the Keto diet for a long time.  There are all kinds of noted benefits for it, but I was always resistant to having my body’s fuel change from carbs to fats.  I kept thinking, ok, so if I can’t keep this up my body will be messed up and I’ll gain lots of weight!  Well, take a good look!  I can’t keep hiding behind having thyroid cancer, having a hysterectomy, being thru menopause, and having my gallbladder removed as an excuse for being overweight.  I had my gallbladder out last year and since then my legs and feet have been hurting.  Some days I have a hard time walking because they are sore.

We’ve been moving around for years and we’ve finally moved into a place we can call home!  It’s so nice!  I’ve been working on painting the kitchen and it’s taken me over a year.  Not close to done, but I can use it, and now is the time, where every day the pain is getting worse and congestion in my body worse, what more of a sign do I need?

The final decision came when I was talking with my older sister, Mary, she was telling me that her eldest son, who has cancer has been put on a strict keto diet by his naturopath.  To support him she has gone on a light keto, meaning she is following it about 80% of the time and does two separate days of fasting.  She eats mostly veggies and some meat now and then, so a healthy keto.  She told me she is having no issues keeping weight off, where for years nothing was working for her.  She also said she didn’t have any pains and had a lot of energy, no brain fog, and felt great.  OK OK OK!  The Universe has spoken and we are going Keto.

Golden Milk Chocolates - Snack for the first week on Keto Gone Green. Preparing!
Golden Mylk Chocolates – Snack for the first week on Keto Gone Green. Preparing!

We are preparing for the diet by doing a 6 Day Juice Cleanse.  I’ve been looking at Pure Joy Planet’s Keto Gone Green Program for a long time.  They have both a Keto Gone Green 4 Week Coaching Program they run at different times of the year and a Keto Gone Green 4 Week Coaching Start Anytime Program.  They provide a Facebook group where you can ask questions and are so helpful and responsive!

The reason I choose their program is the focus on your whole being, not just losing weight.  It’s a green program, meaning a focus on veggies but is flexible for your needs.  I’ve heard from too many people that get on keto and all they are eating is meat, dairy, and very little healthy food.  Some people do really well with that approach, however, when I need to heal my body I know first hand from when I started raw food, that a green diet holds the key to my feeling better.   Their approach was enough to convince me it’s definitely the way to go, get some hand-holding, amazing recipes, and education!  Can’t get any better than that!

I’m 61, turning 62 this year.  I want to be the old lady that is out biking in races inspiring younger people to start at any age.  I need to stop the pain and get on with having a great healthy life with great food!