Vegan Whipped Cream (without coconut meat version)

July 14, 2021

Vegan Whipped Cream (without coconut meat version)

I just updated the name because this creamy dreamy whipped cream does not taste like coconut.😀 It’s so good I didn’t want you to think it was coconut flavor.


I love whipped cream and was looking for a replacement of the dairy.  I found a bunch of different recipes online but they all involved putting the coconut cream or milk in the fridge and then scraping out the fat.  I was never able to get that to work and I didn’t feel good about throwing out the rest of the can.  I like making things that are easy; well easy for me at least.





I started playing around with recipes and have come up with several.  This one is my go to and can be flavored.  The video I created is a different recipe using coconut meat but the technique is exactly the same.  Put ingredients in the blender, blend, chill.  Ya chill baby!  Enjoy!  Yup that easy!


When you make this recipe make sure you wait to add the coconut oil and lecithin until after the first blending.  You don’t want to over process the coconut oil.  I’m using lecithin powder but you can use liquid lecithin.  When I use the liquid I use a little bit less and it works great.  Let me know what you think of my recipe!


Elderberry Vegan Whipped Cream

Elderberry Vegan Whipped Cream

We are in Tucson!  Gary and I met Brandon Todd of Prickly Paradise Elderberry and tried their elderberry syrup.  It’s so good, you can actually taste the elderberry.  Their spices in it just make it all the better.  Consciously created, I was inspired to try it in my Vegan Whipped Cream.  There it is!  So amazing and great for your body!!! You and your family will love it!😀


WHY WHY WHY???!!!! Why do we want a vegan whipped cream?

A lot of people have issues with dairy, not everyone, but a lot.  It’s all in our DNA and sometimes circumstances after surgery such as having your gall bladder removed, it becomes dictated by other parts of your body.  (After I had mine out I can no longer do goat milk, but I can do healthier versions of cow cream/half and half such as raw or grass feed for my coffee 😀).

So are we good with dairy?  It’s not only getting issues in the tummy, but if you do get tummy issues when you have dairy, then you already know.

If you want to find out if your body has an issue with dairy you can either take a DNA test, there are a few out there, or you can remove dairy from your diet for a month then slowly add it back in to see how your body reacts.   I took the Nutrition Genome DNA test because it was recommended to my nephew by his Naturopath.  My nephew has an incurable cancer and the Naturopath specializes in working with cancer patients. (If you decide to take the test, please help me out and use the above link, I’d be grateful!). I really understood after taking that test why diets work for for some and not for others.  It’s not an either or, we are unique and the more we understand our complex creation, the better we can make the right choices for our bodies, and let go of what others are saying.

Either way, if you can’t do dairy or want to reduce the dairy you consume, this is your ticket!

The fats from coconut are amazing and great for the brain.  The lecithin not only holds it all together but is also a great nutrient for the pituitary gland.  Whoop Whoop!!!!

Why do we want to use something other than sugar?

Sugar is big in the news.  If you haven’t heard the necessity of cutting back on sugar, the information is out there.  Health issues such as obesity, diabetes and more have been on the rise for a long time and the culprit is sugar.  You can check out historical information about times when sugar was scarce that people were a lot healthier.   Even sizes of sweetened items has increase, then you throw in high sugar and high caffeine drinks is a recipe for issues at some point.  I don’t know about other parts of the world, but our national palette has been altered so much that most prepared foods all contain a lot of it.

Lakanto is a blend of monk fruit and erythritol and is a zero-glycemic, zero-calorie and all natural sugar substitute.  You can check out the for more information about the damaging affects of sugar.

You can use other sweeteners in this whipped cream that are better choices than cane sugar such as coconut sugar, maple powder, stevia, honey, etc.

FYI – You can change your palette by changing your foods.




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Vegan Whipped Cream – Sugar and Dairy Free


I make this whipped cream every week.  I use it on and in so many things!  It adds creaminess to everything and it’s dairy and sugar free!  Yum yum yum!  Joy! Joy! Joy!

Check out the Elderberry Version in Optional Flavors!



1 can coconut cream – warmed up in water
¼ c soaked raw cashews ( 2 hrs) and rinsed or 2 T cashew butter
¼ c white Lakanto Sweetner (can split 1/8 classic – 1/8 powdered Lakanto)
¼ c coconut oil, melted
1 tbsp lecithin
1 tsp vanilla
¼ tsp mineral salt

Optional flavors

  1. can add 1 tsp cardamom; ½ tsp powdered ginger

2. little bit of lemon and 1 drop of cardamon essential oil

Here is the Elderberry Version:

To the recipe add:

1/4 cup of Elderberry Syrup + an extra 1/8 cup coconut oil



Warm up can of coconut cream and coconut oil in hot water to melt the coconut fat.
Blend on high for 30 seconds with all but the coconut oil and lecithin
Add the coconut oil and lecithin and blend on medium for 20 seconds.
Pour into either an extra large pasty bag or bowl and put into fridge.

Let firm up in the fridge for about 4-5 hours.

When you take it out if it’s too soft, put it back in for longer. If it’s too hard, take it out of the fridge and let it sit for about 10 minutes before using.

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