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Mama’s Buttermilk Fudge Candy



Add 2 part sugar to 1 part butter milk..(2c sugar, 1c buttermilk).

Bring to boil and cook till holding spoon full up and letting it drip.

When it is not dropping from spoon too quick…when you think it is thick enough, cook about three more minutes to make sure..stirring constantly.

Stir in 1 half stick butter and 1 tsp vanilla..until butter melts…and pour over greased pan.

Peanut Butter Balls

Recipe adapted from my friend Sue in WV!  THANK YOU SUE AND ALL YOUR SISTERS, TOO!!!


18 oz jar peanut butter

1 lb butter (4 sticks) melted

2 lbs confectioners sugar (32 oz)

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl (mix by hand or with large spoon) until WELL MIXED.  Roll into bite sized balls and place on wax paper.

Chocolate mixture:

24 oz semi sweet chocolate chips

3/4 bar Gulf Wax grated(paraffin)

In double broiler bring water to boil and in top pan mix the chips and wax until well blended (stir constantly).  turn down heat to medium so chocolate doesn’t burn.  After melted, turn off burner.

Using skewers or toothpicks dip each bite sized ball into the chocolate mixture and place on the wax paper to cool.