About me

TeresaHey there!

I’m Teresa Culbertson creator of  Teresa in the Kitchen!

I love experimenting with creating flavors, especially for desserts!  I come by my sweet tooth honestly thanks to my Grandma!  When we stayed with her she would take us grocery shopping and we could choose what we wanted for dessert.  When we were eating she would always tell us to “…Save room for dessert!”  LOL, I loved her!  My dad would wake up early every weekend and bake all kinds of goodies for us.  Kids from the neighborhood would come over to enjoy his baking, it was a community affair!  We were only allowed to watch him bake when we were up early enough, sometimes I got to measure out the flour or sugar.

‘Save room for dessert…’   Grandma

In my teens and twenties I would experiment with a lot of baking recipes.  My favorites were from the “Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook”.  I would choose all kinds of recipes to try from that cookbook and bring them to family gatherings.  I was the one that brought dessert.  I did a stint of baking cheesecakes, experimenting with recipes from ‘The Joy of Cheesecake”, my favorite was the mocha cheesecake and the apricot cheesecake.  So good.

My career,  traveling and health  took me away from baking for a long time and I discovered it again when I learned about vegan raw food.

Eating raw food was the very first experience I had with food having an impact on my health!

I’ve had a lot of health issues thru my life and when I learned about raw food I was in the middle of one infection after another.  After watching Kris Carr’s story on Oprah, I decided to investigate raw food.  I ordered Kris Carr’s book “Crazy Sexy Diet” and looked for other authors of raw recipes.  I found Matthew Kenney’s books and ordered “Everyday Raw”.  So here I was, easily overwhelmed trying something new.  I decided in order to be successful, I would do one new recipe per day and see how my partner and I liked it.  At the end of four days, I did one or two raw meals per day and my infections stopped and I was waking up with a clear mind!  I had never experienced food as a healer like that before!  I was blown away.  I dug in, got more books and tried other things.

Hitting the wall was my incentive to go to chef school!

I reached a wall when there were some things I was over my head with and was too intimidated to try.  You may laugh but nut milk was one of them, another was fermenting.  I really wanted more.  I searched around for lessons but only found chef schools.  Wow!  Chef school!  Can it get any more intimidating!  I was in my 50’s and the thought of going to chef school scared me.  I talked to my partner and decided I needed to do it.

It all comes together when it’s meant to be!

The Universe made it happen, I was able to get the 2 months off work, the level II was filled then two people canceled and boom, I got the dates that I needed and both levels…boom, boom, boom and done!

Going to chef school was such a creative and expansive experience.  I learned to trust my intuition on flavor and learned what it means to know what food does in a recipe.  I learned to create my own, such an amazing gift!  Not all recipes come in and instant, but some do, it’s funny that way but worth all effort.

A new life began in my 50’s!

After chef school I started to create my own chocolate recipes and experimented in nut cheese creations. I took Amy Levin’s raw chocolate classes, they are excellent!  I started a raw chocolate business, when to food business school and ran the chocolate company – Zhamaau for 4 years.  I then studied at IIN and graduated a health coach.

We took a couple of years to move and find our place in the world.  I got into furniture painting and absolutely love painting creations.  I’ve been working at transforming our kitchen, it’ll take me a while while I learn the how to’s and not do’s.

Now is the time to get started with my fooding, I love it and Spirit is infusing me with enthusiasm!  I’m thankful and grateful!



University of Integrated Science California

Tachyon Wholistic Wellness Practitioner

Matthew Kenney Academy 2012 – Raw Vegan Chef School

Level I: Fundaments of Raw Cuisine    Level II: Advanced Raw Cuisine

Amy Levin

Raw Chocolate Education – Level 1 – 4

Getting your Recipe to Market

Food business education

IIN – Integrative Nutrion

Health Coaching