A Wee Talk about Dehydrators

July 4, 2020

A Wee Talk about Dehydrators

Hi All,

Excalibur Dehydrator
Excalibur Dehydrator

When I started into raw food I bought what I thought would be a good dehydrator at a budget, there was a famous raw food chef that recommended it.   I ended up selling it and starting over.  There is information that I wish someone shared with me when I started out.  I’ve bought two Excalibur’s, but there are others on the market.

There are a lot of dehydrators on the market, but not all are appropriate for raw food.  When shopping for a dehydrator I would recommend the following:

  • At least 9 trays –  There are a lot of recipes that you have to stagger the shelves to provide more room in between.
  • Provides for temperatures of 105 degrees or lower.  The lower temperatures will keep the nutrients intact.
  • Try to get one with larger sheet sizes, more room more product.

There are some nice to have been depending on your needs.  Some are quieter than others, some have the temperature settings at the front vs the back.

Read up on the dehydrators that you are interested in before buying.  If you are on a budget, check if the company has refurbs, watch for sales, and check around.

That’s it! 😀👍

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