Turkey Cheese Wraps dipped in Homemade Salsa

Photo Apr 18, 2 55 08 PM
NOTE: see low carb update at end of post…

I decided to share with you some healthier choices I am making in food prep beginning with my turkey cheese wraps. I have made these for many years, but altered them to a lower fat variety and higher protein and added veggies to them…

As I mentioned on my main blog, www.stitchesbyteresa.wordpress.com recently, I went to a nutritionist this week and am on the road to eating healthier and losing weight. I know there are things I could do better than what I am currently doing, such as in the recipe I am about to share I am still using white flour tortillas…but BABY STEPS!!! At least I am eating lean meat protein, the cheese suggested by my nutritionist and veggies…yummy ones at that! Best of all, I love my homemade salsa (found here) and can dip the Turkey Cheese Wraps in my salsa without feeling guilt at all!

The GOOD NEWS today is that since my visit to the nutritionist’s office monday, the difference in what I weighed on her scales and when I weighed on my scales this morning were minus 6 lbs!!! I am amazed that I am already seeing that huge an impact when it is not even a low calorie diet like I have been attempting to follow for months now with ups and downs like crazy! The focus is balancing carbs since I am insulin resistant.

At any rate, here are my wraps:

Mission small soft flour tortillas (I use two and choose your brand)…to make it healthier, you could choose the wheat tortillas

Herb Mix or equivalent salad greens

Oven Roasted Turkey Thin Sliced 4 to 6 slices(I used Oscar Myer, but also have other varieties in fridge, it was what was open at the time)

Provolone cheese, 1 slice per wrap…or half it if you really want to count your calories and fat intake…since I am on 1500 calories I went ahead and had 1 on each wrap

salsa for dipping, about 1/4 to 1/2 cup (I chose my homemade, link is in post above)

Place two tortillas flat on plate and add cheese. Microwave for 30 seconds. My microwave heats very fast, so this melts it and heats the tortilla. If yours needs longer, heat accordingly.

Next, add about 2 to 3 slices of turkey per wrap.

Next, add a handful of greens to each wrap and roll it up.

Dip in salsa as you eat it and enjoy!

Photo Apr 18, 2 48 37 PM

UPDATE: my friend Trev Garner shared a low carb alternative to make this and I wanted to pass it along to you…simply omit the tortilla altogether! I tried it today and didn’t miss the tortilla at all! I was surprised! I rolled it both with the meat on outside and with cheese on outside but ideally I think she suggested use the lettuce. I had the tiny herb mix so didn’t have that option. Since I was making a snack, I only used two pieces of turkey but using more would really make it roll well. I also added little slices of carrots. My nutritionist had told me they are good with salsa and today I learned she is correct! Scores all around!


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