Mom’s Chow Chow

this is my mom’s chow chow recipe…I am copying/pasting


1 gal cucumbers

1 gal cabbage

12 large onions

24 large bell peppers

2 quarts green tomatoes


4 tbls prepared mustard

1 tbls tumeric

4 tbls mustard seeds

3 tbls celery seeds

3 tbls mixed whole spices (place in cheese cloth and put in hot liquids)

5 c vinegar

7 c sugar

Chop up vegetables and mix thoroughly. Cover with salt 1/2 cup salt and let stand over night.
Drain well. Do not squeeze the would take too much liquids from them and make the chow chow dry.
Add sugar & spices to vinegar and simmer for 20 minutes. Add to vegetables and simmer till hot.
Can in hot jars.

When I make chow chow..if I don’t have enough of one vegetable I substitute what I have. It is very good and is wonderful in potatoe salad.

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