New York Cheesecake in silicon sided baking dish


 New York Cheesecake in small pan

3 pkg cream cheese

 1 cup sugar

 2 TBS all purpose flour

 zest of one orange and zest one lemon, squeeze juice of both fruits into bowl, too

3 eggs plus 1 egg yolk

1 tsp (or 2) vanilla extract

BEAT cream cheese, sugar and flour til smooth. ADD ZEST AND FRUIT JUICES and beat til smooth. Add eggs, mixing one at a time. Add flavoring.


for crust: one package of graham crackers out of box minus 2 sheets of crackers…4 TBS melted butter…1/4 cup sugar…1/8 tsp salt… CRUSH graham crackers and mix all ingredients in a plastic bag. Pour into buttered springform or silicone cheesecake pan if smal…l pan (approx 9 inch)Bake at 450 (note: my oven cooks hot, so you may want to cook at 475) for 8 min, then turn down to 200 (note: my oven cooks hot, so you may want to cook at 225) for 1 hr if small pan.

I always put pan of water below cheesecake rack while baking…and after done, I always run a hot knife around edge immediately after taking out of oven. This loosens it and makes it less likely to crack as it cools. Let it cool completely before removing side of pan. Then move to refrigerator.

NOTE: THIS IS MY MODIFIED VERSION TO MAKE SMALLER CHEESECAKE…also, I did not use all the filling because I forgot I modified it JUST for this pan but it should all fit without any problems. 

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