Hot Fudge Cake Aunt Juanita's Style

Hot Fudge Cake
Hot Fudge Cake

Every time I visited my Aunt Juanita’s house growing up, she inevitably fed me wonderful dishes, both desserts and main meals.  She also taught me how to cook many of these wonderful dishes.

One of my favorite recipes that my Aunt Juanita taught me to make is hot fudge sauce.  She used to make hot fudge cake for me if she knew I was coming.  She always made sure to stock her kitchen with the necessary ingredients and I would practice my culinary skills with my aunt by my side many, many times through the years.  We’ve had so many wonderful memories in her kitchen.

I have used Aunt Juanita’s hot fudge sauce recipe on brownies and pancakes, too, not just cake.  It is super-easy to make and DELICIOUS!  

Use a prepared cake mix such as Devil’s Food Cake Mix from the store and cook it according to directions on the box, or make one from scratch, either way will be fine.  As for brownies, again…just your choice…homemade or store bought mix. 

I also like to buy Mayfield or Bryer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream to use for the dessert

The key to this divine creation is THE SAUCE!


Hot Fudge Sauce

1 stick Butter

1 can Sweetened Condensed milk

1 – 16 oz can Hershey’s chocolate syrup

2 tsps Vanilla Extract (link is for homemade recipe on my main blog)

In heavy saucepan on low-med heat, combine first three ingredients and stir with wooden spoon until well blended.  Continue stirring occasionally to keep from sticking.  Also turn down heat to low if your oven tends to burn easily.  Cook until sauce starts to thicken and boils ever so slightly (will be really large bubbles).  Remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract. 

How to use the hot fudge sauce:

Serve warm in two ways as suggested below…(or if you make this and use a different way, leave a comment as to how you used it and feel free to email me a picture to include in the blog to go with your comment):

Sandwich ice cream between a piece of cake cut in half widthwise, then pour fudge sauce over entire dessert.  Top with a marischino cherry for a lovely presentation.


Sandwich ice cream between two brownies, then pour fudge sauce over entire dessert.  Top with marischino cherry for a lovely presentation.

AND here is a great link, too for other Hersheys ideas:

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